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Powerstat 1256D, 7.8 KVA, 240/120 VAC Input

Powerstat 1256D, 7.8 KVA, 240/120 VAC Input
Item# powerstat-1256D-Used
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Product Description

Superior Electric Powerstat 1256D (BP142090) (Used but in good condition), Enclosed variable transformer. Comes complete with outlet box, Power cord, manual control wheel with pointer and scale.

Features a Max KVA of 7.8, Max Amps of 28, and inputs of 120 or 240 vac. Output Voltage 0-240/280 vac (only 0-280 vac output with 120 vac input).

Shipping weight is (aprox) 90 lbs. Local pickup (Southern California) is encouraged.