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New, Used, and Surplus items from the Aerospace and Industrial, Commercial worlds. We supply equipment, parts and materials of the highest quality and at affordable prices.

We have literally decades of experience in the fields of Electronics and Aerospace Engineering. We don't just buy and then sell. We carefully evaluate each item for defects and test basic functions to help assure our customers satisfaction. We will clearly indicate if we are unable to test an item due to test equipment or power limitations.

If you don't see it, then ask! We constantly check aerospace and industrial auctions and surplus sales for top quality items. We do not buy thrashed military surplus items.

If you think a price is too high, please let us know. We are flexible on many items.

So give us a try!

Please be patient as we add inventory. We have hundreds of items that we will be adding over the next few weeks. If you need something, send us an email, perhaps we have it but just haven't gotten it into our inventory yet. Or perhaps we can find what you need.

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