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Whatman - 1003-433 - Grade 3 Filter Paper
.875-14 UNF 3B Thread Plug Gage Go .8286 NoGo .8339
1/2-20 UNJF 2B Thread Plug Gage Go:0.4675, N0-Go: 0,4717 Alameda
1/2-20 UNJF 3B Thread Plug Gage Go: 0.4675, No-Go: 0.4717
1/4-28 Rivnut Cad Steel, Self-Locking 64030-428-4, 5310-00-917-4531 (90 pcs aprox)
10 pieces OMRON G6SK-2F-24DC DPDT Signal Relay 24 VDC SMT Gull-Wing - Buy Now
100 ea Keystone 1503-3 Double Turret Tin Plate Solder Terminal
1500 Ohm 100 Watt Ohmite Ceramic Rheostat 0458 Model K
24 to 12 Volts, 50 Watts, Vicor V24C12M50BL2 **BEST PRICE**
24 to 28 Volts @100 Watts. Vicor V24C28T100BL2 **BEST PRICE**
28 to 12 Volts @100 Watts Vicor V28C12T100BL2 **BEST PRICE**
28 To 3.3 Volts @10 Watts Delta (VPT) DVHV283R3S **BEST PRICE**
28 to 3.3 Volts@10 Watts VPT15-283R3S **BEST PRICE**
28 To 5 Volts @175 Watts Vicor V28A5T175BL2 **BEST PRICE**
28JR356-1 BNC RT Angle Connector CAGE 24931
2N1847A Thrysistor 250 Volts, 10 Amps.
2PB4 Microswitch Sealed Push Button Panel Actuator with DPDT Switch Assembly
2PB4 Panel Mount Push Button Switch Honeywell NEW OLD STOCK Buy It NOW!
300 To 24 Volts @150 Watts Vicor V300C24T150BL2 **BEST PRICE**
300 to 28 Volts @250 Watts V300B28T250BL2 Vicor **BEST PRICE**
300 to 48 Volts @250 Watts V300B48T250BL2 Vicor **BEST PRICE**
360AA002M2012H Backshell, RT Angle, With Clamp, Shell Size 20 BUY IT NOW
360AS002B0806H3 Glenair Non-Envornmental Back Shell Size 8 1 1/2 Inch BUY IT NOW
360AS002B1008H3 Glenair Non-Enviornmental Clamp Backshell, Extended BUY IT NOW
360AS002B1206H3 Non-envirnmental With Clamp Shell Size 12. 1 1/2 Length BUY IT NOW
360AS002B1808H6 Glenair Clamp Non-Environmental Back Shell Size 18, 3 Inch BUY IT NOW
360AS002B2008H6 Glenair Non-Envirnmental Backshell W/Clamp Shell Size 20 BUY IT NOW
360AS002B2010H6 Glenair Non-Enviornmental Backshell BUY IT NOW
360AS002B2810H6 Bachshell, Glenair, Shell Size 28, 3" Long BUY IT NOW
5 ea Burroughs B-5441 Nixie Tubes - New Old Stock
5/8-18 UNJF 2B Plug Gage - Alameda
5/8-18 UNJF 3B Plug Gage - Alameda
50 Year Flat Pack Capacitor 560 µF/300 VDC CDE MLP561M300EBOA
50K Linear Pot, Allen Bradley JA1N056S503UA **BUY NOW**
7/8-20 UNEF-3B Thread Plug Gage Go .8425 NoGo .8468
88-569773-35S Circular Connector 22 Contact Amphenol
88-569774-35P Circular MIL Spec Connector Amphenol
88-569774-35S Circular MIL Spec Connector 35S Amphenol
88-569778-35S Circular MIL Spec Connector Amphenol
9/16-18 UNJF 2B Plug Gage - Alameda
922AA2W-A9P-L Honeywell sensor *BUY NOW*
922AA3XM-A9P-L Honeywell EKCO Type
972AA3XM-A3P-L Honeywell Three Wire Sensor *BUY NOW*
972AB2XM-A3P-L Honeywell Sensor *BUY NOW*
Accelerometer Cable SMA to BNC 10 Ft.
Aeroflex Wire Rope Vibration Isolator CB1280-35-12 2" x 3 1/4" Loops
AMP P/N 66399-2 Connector Sockets Bag of 100, ***FREE SHIPPING***
AMP P/N 66400-2 Connector Pins, Bag of 100, FREE ***SHIPPING***
Assembly Tools
Auber SYL4352 PID Controller 1/4 DIN Full Function T/C Controller
Augat Wire Wrap Prototype Board 8" x 6 3/4" 8136-UG119-27 BUY-IT-NOW
Avionics /Hardware
BACC10KD14 Back Shell With Clamp, Shell Size 14 BUY IT NOW
BACC10KE12 (M85049/51S12W) Back Shell BUY IT NOW
Belden 9431 20 Conductor $27.95 per 10' Multiple
Belden 9458 15 Conductor/20 AWG $25.95 per 10' Multiple
Bourns Knob Pot 3640S-1-101 100 Ohm Precision 10 Turn Dial Potentiometer
Bourns Knob Pot 3640S-1-102 1K Ohm Precision 10 Turn Dial Potentiometer
Brad Harrison Nano Change, Cable P/N 00600214655
Bruel & Kjaer 2425 AC Voltmeter 0.5 Hz - 0.5 Mhz Tested
Buss FM08A 3 Amp/125V High Reliability Tinitron Fuse Zero G, Vacuum
Centrifugal Blower EBM-Papst G2E108-AA05-44 115 VAC 91 CFM
Circuit Breakers
Clarostat 240-C Power Resistor Decade Box $329 USED
Clippard SDR-40 13 13/16" Dual Action Air Cylinder (Stainless)
Connector & Miscl Pins
Connector Back Shells
Connector Tools
Cramer J28FAD29 Timer, 6 Digit, Non Resetable, 24 VAC
D Sub Combo 40 Amps 4 Power Pins 17 Signal Pins Right Angle ITT DCMG21HA4PJK87
D38999/20JD35PN Circular MIL Spec Connector Soriau
D38999/20JG35PN Circular MIL Spec Connector Deustch
D38999/20WD97SN Circular MIL Spec Connector Deutsch
D38999/20WE6PN Circular MIL Spec Connector Souriau
Dale Aluminum Cased Wire Wound Power Resistors
Dale NH-25 25W 1.2 Ohm 1% FREE SHIPPING
Dale RH-25 20W 931 Ohm 1% *** FREE SHIPPING
Daniels DMC 86-4 M22520/7-07 NSN 5120-01-335-8600 Pin Locator (USED)
Daniels DMC 86-6 M22520/7-07 NSN 5120-01-335-8602 Pin Locator
Daniels DMC 86-7 M22520/7-08 NSN 5120-01-335-8603 Pin Locator
Daniels DMC DAK95-20B M81969/8-05 Insertion Tool (USED)
Daniels DMC DRK95-20B M8169/8-06 Removal Tool (USED)
DB 44 Female HD.180-M44-213R001 Norcomp
DC to DC Converters High Rel
Discrete Components
Distance/Position Measurement
DMS2426 Aircraft Wire 16 AWG, High Strand Count, Nickel Plated PTFE Over Kapton 4,000 Ft.
DMS2426 Aircraft Wire 16 AWG, Nickel Plated PTFE $19.95 per100'
ECG.5B.316.CLL LEMO 16 Contact FIXED Receptacle BEST PRICE
ECG.5B.354.CLL LEMO 54 Contact Fixed Bulkhead Connector Best Price
Ectron 416-M1367 Transducer Amplifier, , Ruggedized, Flight Test
Electrical/Electronic Components
Electrical/Electronic Hardware
Endevco 2223 Triaxial Accelerometer (Used)
Evans Hybrid Capacitor 3800 mF/25 VDC THQM2025382
Flag Mount Thermistor Sensor Omega ON-930-44004
Fluke 54 II (2) Dual Channel Thermocouple Thermometer
Fluke TL75 2mm Hardened Test Probe Lead Set (NEW)
Fuse Holder, Littlefuse P/N 342014, Panel Mount, 3AG 20 amp/250 volts
General Eastern Model 1211 Optical Dewpoint Sensor (Used)
Gertsch RT-23 Precision Six Decade Ratio Transformer
Grayhill 29-100B Black Push Terminal 10 ea Buy Now FREE SHIPPING
GSE LM-2 Strain Guage Load Washer 2,400 Lbs 0.856" OD
GT3F-2 A100 IDEC Timer 120 VAC True OFF-Delay to 10 Minutes
Guildline Low Thermal Selector Switch Model 9145A5
Hand Tools
Honeywell MS25008-1 (DT-2R-A7) Micro Switch 10 A 125 or 250 VAC New BUY IT NOW
Honeywell (Micro Switch) 68AT11-3 Toggle Switch 8P-DT NSN 5930012279927
Honeywell 12TW29-7 Momentary On-off-on Dpdt Toggle Switch BUY IT NOW
Hubbell HBL2516 AC Flanged Outlet NEMA L21-20 Female Receptacle
Indicator, Frequency, 400 Hz, 2" Panel Mount, Aircraft
Instrumentation / Process Controls
Jensen Global JGD500S Digital Timed Dispenser (USED)
KIKUSUI PLZ303W Electronic Load, 300 Watt, 1.5-120V 0-60A
La Speziale Sapzio EK, 2 Group Commercial Cappuccino Machine W/Macap MX Grinder
Lab Supplies
Laboratory/Test Equipment
Lemo Connectors
LEMO EGG.1B.305.CLL Bulkhead Connector 6 Contacts BUY IT NOW
LEMO FFA.1S.306.CLAK72 6 Contact 3 Female/3 Male (recessed) BUY IT NOW
LEMO FGG.1B.305.CLAD42Z 6 Male Contacts Straight Backshell BUY IT NOW
LEMO FLA.1S.306.CLAK72 Right Amgle 6 Contacts BUY IT NOW
M5049/52-1-22W Back Shell, Aluminum Alloy, Shell Size 22 BUY IT NOW
M85049/1819W07A Glenair ENV Backshell BUY IT NOW
M85049/25-17W Glenair Non-Environmental Backshell With Clamp BUY IT NOW
M85049/38-9W Circular Strain Relief Size 9
M85049/38-9W, Bashshell, Shell Size 9, BUY IT NOW
M85049/51-1-10W MS3418-10A MS3410-10C Glenair RT Angle Clamp Back Shell BUY IT NOW
M85049/51-1-14W Glenair Rt Angle Backshell With Clamp BUY IT NOW
M85049/5201-28N MS3417-28N Glenair Clamp Backshell Shell Size 28 BUY IT NOW
Magnecraft 103HXX-28D 200 Amp Relay In Stock Buy It Now
Magnecraft W88HPX-34 DPDT Hermetically Sealed, Plug In BUY IT NOW!
MDC Vacuum Products Corp BLM-275-2-04 Linear Motion Feed Through
Meisei 2A Hot Knife Hand Unit (Refurbished)
Meisei 7C Hotweezers
Meisei M-10 Power Supply - Excellent Condition
Meisei M-20 HotWeezer® Power Supply - Refurbished
Melles Griot Broadband Hollow Retroflector 02CCH005 1 Arc Sec
Mensor Digital Pressure Transducer 15 Psi Absolute Series 6100
Metcal MX-500P-11 Fully Refurbished Guaranteed
Metcal MX-500P-11 Repair-Exchange Service
Metcal Stand for MX-500 Series - Used
Microwave Fiber Optic Link TX/RXPair Emcore Optiva OTS-2R/S5 2GHz
Mil (and other) Connectors
MS24256R16 16 GA Extraction Tool 27.95 Free Shipping
MS24256R16 Extraction Tool 16 GA $27.95 Free Shipping
MS27976-11 Clevis, Rod End, Plain, Wide Fork (Old Stock)
MS3124E12-10PW Burndy (Pins sold separately)) FREE SHIPPING
MSC EH1000Z1 Three Phase 3Ř Bridge Rectifier 100 AMP/800 VAC
N Male to SMA Cable 7' (Aprox) GPS Cable
Nuts, Nut Plates, Clip Nuts
Omega CN375-KC 1/16 DIN High Limit Temperature Controller
Omega High Limit Temperature Controller CN2081KC
Pamotor (Papst) Fan Model 7650S 230 VAC 60 Hz (220 VAC 50 Hz)
PCIB Connector Positronic PCIB26W11M400A1
Powerstat 1256D, 7.8 KVA, 240/120 VAC Input
Pratt&Whitney 1-14 NF 3B Thread Plug Gage Go .9536 N0Go .9590
Premium Speaker Cables 5' by Tomas Amps
Premium Speaker Cables, 4' by Tomas Amps
Pressure Sensor, Absolute, Honeywell 136PC15A3L BUY-IT-NOW
Proximity Sensors
Raychem IR500 Infrared Heat Gun
RDP DCT2000, LVDT Position Transducer, DC In and DC out
RH-25 20W 845 Ohm 1% *** FREE SHIPPING ***
RH-25 25W 1.4K Ohm 3% *** FREE SHIPPING ***
RH-25 25W 1000 Ohm 1% *** FREE SHIPPING ***
RH-25 25W 1580 Ohm 1% *** FREE SHIPPING ***
Rugged Ethernet Connector Amphenol MRJ-4385-01
SAH-250B Mercury Vapor Lamp
Screws, Bolts, Hi-loks Etc...
Solid State
Spring Contact "POGO Pins"
Static Inverter, 1200 VA, 400 Hz. Avionics Instruments
Strain Gages, Load Cells, and Instruments
Strain Gauge Load Washer 1000 lbs GSE FT-1000
Temperature Instruments and Accessories
Terminal Strip MS27212-1-20 20 #6 Positions Aircraft Type
Test Equipment
Thread Gages
Tools / Tooling/Assembly
Unit Instruments UFC-1000 Mass Flow Controller 5 SLM N2
Unit Instruments UFC-1000 Mass Flow Controller 5 SLM N2 NEW
Vacuum / Pressure / Flow Etc
Valcor 128SCP605-1 2 Way Valve V9600-10 NEW (Old Stock)
Veriflo BPR30-30-2-V Back Flow Pressure Regulator 30 PSI, NEW
Whitey-Swagelok SS-26VM8-F8 6000 PSI Valve NEW Buy It Now
Wilcoxon Research WR 736 Single Axis Accelerometer (used)
Wire and Cable
XCM-A102 TELEMECANIQUE Rugged Snap Action Switch
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