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Ectron 416-M1367 Transducer Amplifier, , Ruggedized, Flight Test

Ectron  416-M1367 Transducer Amplifier, , Ruggedized, Flight Test
Item# ectron-416-m1367
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Product Description

Ectron Model 416 Transducer Amplifier, Ectron, Ruggedized High quality transducer amplifier. Perfect for flight test, crash tests, and other critical applications. Strain Gauge, Load Cell, RTD, LVDT/RVDT Precision instrumentation amplifier/conditioner. Isolation from input to output, excitation, case. Chopper stabilized and ruggedized to withstand environmental extremes. EMI/RFI filters on all pins. Compact and Light Weight, extremely rugged steel case. Measures 1" x 2" x 4" (excluding Gain knob and 4-40 x 3/8" Mounting Studs.

Options Included:

* 10 VDC Excitation Output.

* 0-5 VDC Signal Output

* Gain Knob (rather than screwdriver adjust)

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